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Is it difficult to prove fault in a slip-and-fall case?

As with any situation in which there are two or more sides to the "story," proving fault in a Georgia slip-and-fall case can indeed be a challenge. Unfortunately, courts and judges cannot take one person's account of the accident over the other person's account without some sort of proof.

A slip-and-fall can occur under many different circumstances. For example, a crack in pavement or flooring could send a person tumbling. In another example, wet floors or frayed carpet could be the culprit. The possibilities are almost endless, which is why proving fault is so critical.

Important facts about distracted driving accidents

Operating a motor vehicle safely requires a great amount of multi-tasking. Drivers must focus their attention on several things at once, such as traffic patterns, the behavior of other motorists and the car's performance. Drivers that let their attention wander for any reason can cause a distracted driving accident that injures drivers and passengers.

Like drunken driving, distracted driving is a growing problem in the nation. April was National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but why let awareness stop just because the calendar changes? The following facts from 2016 can keep all Georgia residents aware of the dangers of distracted driving:

  • Reportedly, six percent of the drivers involved in fatal vehicle accidents were distracted when the crash occurred.
  • Nine percent of the fatal accidents occurring in 2016 were distraction-related.
  • The 15-to-19 age group experienced the largest share of fatal distracted driving accidents.
  • More than 560 non-occupants such as pedestrians and cyclists died in distraction-related accidents.
  • Driving while operating a hand-held cellphone is most prevalent in the 15 to 29 years age group.
  • Most of the drivers involved in distracted driving accidents were male.
  • Females using cellphones while driving are more likely to experience a fatal crash than males are
  • Some form of distraction affected 9 percent of all fatal crashes in 2016

Some car accident injuries are not immediately apparent

You may feel many conflicting emotions after surviving a car accident, such as surprise, anger or relief, but it is what you do not feel that may prove much more dangerous in the hours and days after the accident. Victims of car accidents regularly suffer injuries that do not produce pain at first, known as delayed onset injuries, ranging from painfully annoying to potentially deadly.

If you recently experienced a car accident and have not yet sought out a professional medical examination, you absolutely must do so. If you choose to wait until you feel pain after a car accident to seek medical care, you may allow an injury to worsen significantly, lengthening recovery time, increasing long-term suffering, and potentially risking your own life.

Speaking with a lawyer about legal malpractice -- awkward!

If a lawyer in Georgia has wronged you, we assume that you are reluctant to talk with yet another legal professional. Moreover, because the person you will speak to about that wrong works in the same field, the level of awkwardness you may feel can be off the charts.

So, what are you going to do? Will you simply take your licks while sitting still or swallow that awkwardness at least long enough to seek yet more legal advice? Yes, we know just how scary that sounds to someone who has already had a nightmare experience with an attorney.

Georgia set to ban the use of mobile devices while driving

It is widely accepted that using cellphones, Global Positioning System (GPS) units and other devices used behind the wheel cause driver distraction. However, distracted driving accidents continue to occur in Georgia and throughout the country. Lawmakers appear to have had enough and have passed a bill banning the use of mobile devices when operating a motor vehicle.

Reportedly, Gov. Nathan Deal supports the bill. If he puts his name to it, Georgia will become the 16th American state to ban devices while driving a motor vehicle. Bans such as this one can be very effective at protecting innocent victims from reckless motorists.

Are driverless cars coming to Georgia?

Georgia is one of the more than 30 states that have laws on their books accommodating driverless vehicles. In at least five states, self-driving cars are already rolling on their roads.

The question of how safe these autonomous vehicles are has come into sharper focus since the recent fatal pedestrian accident involving a self-driving vehicle in Arizona. As you know, advocates of the technology insist that it has the potential to dramatically reduce or even eliminate motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Your cellphone can protect you in the wake of a crash

Experiencing a motor vehicle collision is often a traumatic event. You may have been on the way to the store or work. Suddenly, your vehicle is disabled, and you or your passengers are hurt. Many people are so shaken up in the aftermath of a collision that they make critical mistakes that later cause issues for them, legally and financially.

Thankfully, educating yourself about how to handle a crash can help you make the right decisions if you end up in a collision. Although your cellular phone is a distraction risk when you drive, after a crash, it can be a lifeline and a source of critical evidence.

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