Who Is At Fault In Truck Accidents?

The law office of Michael M. Calabro, Esq., has more than three decades of experience defending victims' rights after serious collisions with commercial trucks and other heavy vehicles. Our approach to personal injury cases focuses on seeking the maximum possible amount of reimbursement for medical expenses and other damages. After a truck accident, we will thoroughly investigate who was at fault, often holding numerous parties — from the truck driver to the trucking company and even its manufacturer — accountable.

Don't Let Negligent Truck Drivers And Companies Cost You

Several factors can cause a truck accident. Long hours on the road can fatigue truck drivers, who likely work on deadlines and have minimal rest between stops and assignments. Many distractions present themselves to drivers of all types, and this includes professional truck operators. The use of cellphones, CB radios and other communication devices is controlled by Georgia law for the safety of everyone on the road. If a driver caused a crash while using a radio or electronic device, he or she may be liable for the damage, injuries or deaths resulting from the accident.

Liability for an accident may extend outside the cab of a semi or dump truck. Improper maintenance of equipment or insufficient training of drivers and other workers can make trucks unsafe. If a driver is tired or otherwise disabled because of employer guidelines or pressure to get the job done, the trucking company may also be responsible for the actions of the driver.

Commercial trucking companies require extensive insurance, and insurance providers must audit company guidelines, equipment and hiring practices to check on their clients. We have extensive experience bringing claims against the insurers of truck drivers and trucking companies.

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Our attorney seeks financial damages for all the possible reasons that a victim may suffer after a truck accident. This can include reimbursement for medical expenses, funeral expenses or wages lost due to injury or death. Compensation for pain, emotional distress and other effects of tragic crashes is also part of claims.

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