Why Is It Important To Seek Medical Attention?

All serious injuries are unexpected and overwhelming. After an accident, you may be tempted to ignore possible medical concerns and return to your normal schedule as soon as possible. However, even a seemingly minor injury can be serious or develop into a chronic condition. Your first priority should be to get medical care after an accident. No matter the perceived gravity of an injury, it is vital to seek medical advice and then get legal counsel.

Michael M. Calabro, Esq., has over 30 years of experience addressing personal injury claims both in and out of court. We understand the importance of immediate and continuing medical care for victims of car crashes and slip-and-fall accidents. We will aggressively fight for medical bill reimbursement and future medical care costs from the responsible parties.

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Proving Liability To Save Clients Money

Personal injury claims depend on liability. You need to properly identify all injuries that were caused by the accident and demonstrate causation. Medical professionals can help document proof and provide evidence for liability. Through diagnosis and treatment, they can identify injuries caused by collisions, falls or other accidents.

Some medical concerns do not materialize immediately after an accident. The effects of physical stresses endured in a car accident or a serious fall, such as whiplash and muscle pain, can occur days or weeks after the initial injury. The effects of traumatic injury to the head, like memory loss or lower mental dexterity, may take months or years to materialize. Professionals must identify these effects as soon as possible so they can be included in your personal injury claim.

Georgia law limits the amount of time that you have to file a claim against the responsible parties after an injury. To meet this statute of limitations, seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.

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We will help ensure that all current and future medical expenses are included in your personal injury claim so that you are not left with hospital bills and other costs after your accident.

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